Perishables Services has been our regular partner for many years, carrying out inspections of fruit and vegetables. As an independent quality controller, they complete inspections on a wide range of products. The inspections performed by Perishables Services result in a transparent and comprehensive assessment of the quality of the products. The inspector submits a quality report of the requested inspection.

The Perishables Services quality team acts as the link between shipping agent and consumer in order to minimize the risk of any flaws. Immediately after unloading a container or partial shipment, the inspector’s work begins.

Would you like to carry out an inspection on site? No problem!


The inspection of fruit and vegetables is carried out via a fully automated quality control system, enabling customers to request both new and old inspection reports.

Fruit not sold immediately? No problem, we carry out a visual inspection of the products on a daily basis to assess the ongoing quality of the fruit in cold storage. In the event of imperfections, we communicate to prevent any problems.