R&M Forwarding was founded in 2005 by Rien van Beek and Mark van der Slik. Both had many years of experience in the logistic handling of fruit shipments, so they decided to join forces. R&M Forwarding is a specialized fruit forwarding company with a no-nonsense approach.

R&M Forwarding offers a complete package of services, because logistics is much more than just transport! We take care of air freight, sea freight, customs clearance, transport and warehousing (storage). Because the entire logistics chain is under our own management, we can work quickly and efficiently.

In order to offer our business relations the best service possible, we use the most up-to-date software. Each business relation has access to a custom-made web portal, and our warehouse has an advanced track and trace system. This enables us to intervene quickly in case problems occur and offer an immediate solution. Extremely flexible!

Furthermore, our account managers are happy to help. They can assist you in all areas and are happy to provide you with appropriate advice. We don’t see our clients as customers, but as partners. Together with you, we ensure that your products reach their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Jordy van Seters

Marvin Velthoen

Mike van Beek

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Jordie de Groot

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S: jordie.rmforwarding